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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Doctors, No Drugs, Lots of Critics

Recently in a discussion about birth, I was asked why I "dog" modern medicine, especially when I could run into breech births, cord pinching, wrapping , bleeding out etc. and what my game plan was.

When one decides to do a home birth, we aren’t rejecting modern medicine. We have made educated decisions to know when and where such things are needed and which procedures we can do ourselves. This applies to all of our medical needs. Self-reliance is important to us and self-reliance begins with education. Whether its a simple head cold or  postpartum hemorrhaging, I have done my best to prepare myself for such things, and I have the information and supplies needed to first prevent, and if needed, to treat such things. And more importantly, to know when to ask for help. Education is important. Ignorance makes you helpless.

I find it terribly sad when I hear women comment negatively about birth. I wonder what could have been done differently so that they had a positive outlook on childbirth. I know its not just luck that I have had 8 wonderful births. That can't be coincidence. And with my 9th childbirth experience just around the corner I find it more important to dispel the fears others have of childbirth. Its impossible to have the good support system one needs when so many are fearful and undereducated.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Rand Paul on Freedom

This is why I voted for him. I can actually say I am proud of my Senator.. weird..

My comments:

I agree. People say so whats the big deal, if you aren't doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about.   The big deal is we are setting up a government where we have fewer and fewer rights. I may be innocent but there is a procedure that must be followed.

"Do you want a government that is unrestrained by law?"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Supersize me, Fathead..

So today I watched Super Size Me and Fat Head.( both are free to watch on Hulu)  I will first admit to you that I beckoned my husband to bring me home a Mc Double & a small fry. I also had a bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup on it. 

I watched Super Size Me first. I found alot of stuff  I either didn't agree with or that didn't make sense. I think this guy tried overly hard to make his point. Not to mention I felt really insulted by his assumptions. For one we are considered quite poor and even my 5 year old knows that McDonalds is not as healthy as the food we make at home. I always get agitated when "poor" is associated with ignorance. There are more than enough wealthy morons. 

Fat head was  much better and more informative. I really enjoyed the take on it. He addressed the parts of the SSM that I felt was offensive. It was more of a common sense documentary rather than just a realty type show that way hyped for ratings. 

I am a large proponent of personal responsibility. This is the take FH took on the issue. I like to be aware of the information, proper information and be allowed to make a decision. 

I actually learned alot today and I reccomend that you watch Fat Head. And Super Size Me too if you want the "opposing side". My conclusion after watching both, is still the same as it was before I watched either. I do not blame the fast food industry for obesity. And I do not think we are getting the proper information from our government on nutrition guidelines. 

What are your thoughts?