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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So we make abortion illegal... then what?

Abortion is the most highly debated topic in the US. Some argue it from a religious standpoint, others from a legal one.

For me, I know life begins at conception. To end the life of a fetus is murder. Plain and simple. That's how I feel. Some may feel that it is not  life, therefore abortion is not murder. I wonder if those who feel that way have ever been pregnant. I question the person who has carried a child and is still convinced it is a "blob of tissue". And do those who support the right to abort, do they support it all stages? Is it ok at 9 weeks but not at 29 weeks? What changes for you at that point. Are we arguing when it becomes life or are we arguing a woman's right to her body? As I will address later, neither of which was a factor in Roe v. Wade.

I will assume most readers agree, its a life. One that is dependent upon its mother for everything. It cannot survive on its own. It's life will cease if the mother does not provide its every need. Its kind of like a parasite, as some have called them. Again, I wonder if these same people have never taken care of a newborn. I currently have one. If I do not tend to his every need, he would die. He cannot feed himself. If he was left to his own accord, he would die. So he continues to be a parasite. And a pretty darn cute one at that.