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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Yesterday in class, we talked about our civic duty and what qualities we look for in our politicians. One answer that came up was truthfulness.. I think that is yet the most important attribute.. Followed by selflessness.. The founding documents, the words we based our entire country on, were divinley inspired. We need to look for those qualities in ourselves as well.. When we look to a candidate to represent us we need to look for an honest selfless person who;s only goal is to uphold the Constitution. We need to be selfless and look to the person who is going to do whats best for us, not necessarily what we want. We have gotten to where our last few generations will choose who ever offers the biggest prize. We can only be offered what was rightfully ours to begin with.. We have do not have a right to another persons property or services.. To allow our government the power to "distribute" such rights we open the door to be on the alternate side. We are a free people. Those rights are given to us first by our creator. They can be oppressed by those in power, IF WE ALLOW them..
One of the prime examples (was also brought up in class) is the Gay Marriage Laws.. Many cheered seeing the California defeat of such bill as a victory.. I see it as it is.. we are celebrating the governments control over our religious beliefs.. Marriage is an ordinance that can only be administered by a man with the proper authority. By recognizing the governments role in regulating such ordinances we subject our religious practices to be regulated by the government.. Therefore we are cheering government control over religion.. How is that a positive thing?
We have come to a system where we only have 2 answers.. and when neither sound good what do we do? We have come to accept, as in the previous example, we can say yes we allow gay marriage or no we dont. Thing is, most Americans want neither..Here's a better option.. Lets remove the governments role in the institution of marriage. Lets remove the governments role in the institution of education. Lets remove the governments role in the institution of health care..
These things maybe what we want, but its not what we need.. We need to sit back and do whats best for our country, whats best for ourselves..
We follow the laws of the gospel, even when its not what we necessarily want. We do it because we know thats whats best for us. We were also given a quote in class.. "I never said it was going to be easy, I only said it was going to be worth it"
This time of year, we celebrate the birth of our Savior.. Weremember the blessing Mary had received.. We also remember her sacrifice.. our Savioirs sacrifice.. We need to recall this as we move forward in our lives.. We need to give of ourselves. We need to be prepared and able to handle life's downfalls.. Sometimes we need to fail..
When we look for someone to represent us politically, we need to remember the most important issue.. Who's going to look out for whats best for us.. not succumb to promises of things that will eventually lead to our destruction.

*originally posted 12/7/2009

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