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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Charity v. Welfare

I have been involved in an ongoing discussion about charity and welfare, and most prominently from a LDS point of view as that was a large part of  the start of the discussion, but welcome the view of everyone.

Too provide some background let me post a few of the points that are being discussed, by posted a statement by me.

I support charity. In fact I belong to a church that has a LARGE focus on charity. However, charity, via the government is not charity. My church has a WONDERFUL welfare program. Our members voluntarily pay tithe and are able to provide for others in need. With that need comes responsibility. I agree with this wholeheartedly. ""One of the distinguishing characteristics of this inspired gospel-centered endeavor is its emphasis on personal responsibility and self-reliance. President Marion G. Romney explained: “Many programs have been set up by well-meaning individuals to aid those who are in need. However, many of these programs are designed with the shortsighted objective of ‘helping people,’ as opposed to ‘helping people help themselves.’” 

This is how these programs should work. The money given in a charitable manner and the receiver receiving to better themselves, not to continue to be dependent. 

For our government to take our money against our will and use it for things I am morally opposed to and call it charity or welfare is disgusting. To pretend that these types of organizations wont be supported on private funds only backs up what I say when I say the Americans don't support it. If you support such programs, make a contribution from your paycheck. From what I read on the PP facebook page they have lots of support. they should have no problem raising private funds. Don't come over to my pocket and tell me I have to provide. I provide for programs that I support. Thats why I give to my church. I know that my money is providing for the work of the Lord. Why should I be forced to provide for things I see as evil?

In opposition I have received comments such as how govt welfare, and medical programs and fudning for programs such as planned parenthood are a good thing and do not contradicted the gospel and the link posted below as a summary of one's take on this subject.

I would love some input on this

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