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Friday, April 15, 2011

What would you do?


Child was homeschooled and mother decided to send her to public school. School "required"  her to vaccinate said child ( there is an exemption for this) and the child had a reaction ( of course) and was told to go on antipsychotoc medication. The mother stopped the meds and CPS was called.

I cant say I would not have done as the mother did. The only thing I my home I will protect with my life is my children. If you have come to take them, it wont be without a fight. You'd probably have to shoot me dead. They came to take her child. Whether or not she pulled the gun, they were taking her child.

You may say thats irresponsible but every turn I see them trying to take away parental rights, one step at at time. I wont allow it. They have no rights to my children and I will defend my right to them. What is irresponsible is allowing this type of mentality in government in the first place by either active encouragement or complacency.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with the mothers actions, with my opinions on it? What would you have done? 

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  1. I often wonder if there is more to these stories than what is published...or the news people "sensationalize" the facts so that watchers will be more EMOTIONALLY interested and thus gain more viewers for a particular station or newspaper.

    Another thought: Why was just blatant "force" used to remove this teenage child from her Mom? We're talking medication here...and as far as I can tell medication that wasn't LIFE OR DEATH or HAD to be taken for the child to continue living, just to help control some "issues".