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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why I don't like Facebook anymore

Its been happening more and more. Facebook deactivates, removes or disables accounts of people who do not deserve it. Yet they allow, other material to be active.

First let me say, Facebook is a private site, owned by a private company. I agree with their right to allow and not allow whatever content they choose. However, I also have a right to disagree and in turn not use their product. Which  is not easy. Facebook has created a wonderful niche in the online world. I have at least 100 people who visit my Facebook page, while I maybe get 3-4 on my blogs. Its a wonderful venue to share information and network.

But its getting tiresome. I woke up this am to find that one of my favorite birthing pages has been deactivated. The page owner has no clue as to why, and I am sure, like most people, Facebook will never tell her.
This is her backup page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Backup-Page-for-An-EDD-is-an-Estimated-Due-Date-not-an-Expiration-date/204858212867818

Maybe there was a photo someone didn't like, maybe someone just wanted to be spiteful and report them. Maybe someone was offended by ones beliefs. However, I find it hard to believe that facebook will deem a photo like this offensive (click here) and allow a photo like this (click here) to be displayed. They also allow content such as this (click here) that I think is completely dangerous. And yes I have reported the Sarah Palin one several times.

And not to mention that Facebook often disables my husbands account for sending to many private messages and at times wont allow him to make friend requests. I thought the purpose of Facebook was to network, interact with people, find old friends and meet new people?

Anyhow this is the last straw. I have taken a Facebook leave before, but if Facebook removed the pages I visit, what is the point of using Facebook?


  1. I can understand your first reason, but as far as your husband goes he DOES send way too many private messages and makes way too many friend requests. Some people have more than one account and they spam a lot, and I'm positive the rules on friend requests is to prevent chaos.

    Back to an original problem, that's a real bummer that the EDD page was removed... Then again, this is the reason we HAVE pages like the EDD... :/

  2. I agree with not having the angelina and gun pics. But on the other hand, parents are supposed to watch what their kids see on tv AND the computer. (Unless the kids go to their local library when moms not home.) Then I can see why they should remove thosse pages and pics.

  3. It's not facebook's role to unreasonably police their pages. I agree with you that they are not running their site correctly. I think the fame has gone to their heads. I am hoping that Google Plus outdoes them and leaves them in the dust. The whole project reeks of spoiled college students. If you see the facebook movie, you find that the whole idea was even allegedly stolen by the founder from another college student. I just tried to upload a video with a song I purchased. yeah yeah yeah...the song itself can't be redistributed and the slideshow was about something important I wanted to share with my friends and the letter that facebook sent me was menacing. It wasn't even nice. If I do this again, they will delete me. I am starting to think it won't be too big of a loss!